New East Coast artist launches new EP as first project under new label Audio Tamers

BOSTON, MA – For many years, GodSend has been an aspiring hip-hop artist who also worked full time to try to make ends meet. When not putting in a 9-to-5 day, he was gathering the pieces he would one day need to make the full leap to professional music. It was a long road, but it was his dream. And one day on the job he got a call from a frustrated woman who was distraught over a medical bill and a mixup with her health insurance.


“I ended up helping her out and got her insurance turned on and she said, ‘Oh my gosh, you’re a God send,’” she said. “It was such a good feeling that I told a friend about it, and he said it should be my stage name.” I agreed.


Shortly after that scenario, GodSend announced himself to the world. He has embraced the name and uses it as a way to help propel his reputation as an artist. His new self-titled EP, “GodSend EP,” is a testament to the unique type of music he creates and the individual sound he hopes will one day become noticeable in places all over the world.


He describes the EP as a project that showcases a bit of his diversity while also highlighting his ability to bring substance to music through his lyrics in the midst of a sound that is “fun and cool.” His themes, though not particularly confined within the “gangster” genre, do explore a childhood experience of growing up in an urban setting.


“I speak about the perspective I came from and the transition to becoming this diverse being that I am today – this GodSend figure,” he said. “When people hear my music, I want them to think I’m a guy who is insightful and who is trying to bring diversity and a youthful feel to it. My goal is to appeal to youth as well as to people who appreciate insightful lyrics. I really want people to think that I’m a guy who can speak to older generations and the youth.”


His music is already becoming known along the East Coast for having a solid combination of dynamic beats and rhythmic lyrics. His prose tends to dive into complex rhyme schemes and multi-syllable phrases.


His first single off the EP is called “Die For This.” He describes it as a song with a club type of upbeat tempo, though with a chill vibe.


“It’s my debut song but there’s no direct story behind it,” he said. “I suppose that I demonstrate a "show off" feel and the overall message is to enjoy life because simply I enjoy life. My intent is to appeal to more of the popular youth with that song. It has a good feel to it and is a good example of the kind of beats that I like to work with.”


The EP is being released under GodSend’s own independent label, Audio Tamers LLC and is available for pre-order on 6/23/17 and for purchase on 7/7/17. While working to set up his full-time music career, he also worked toward creating his own studio and collecting like-minded artists with whom he could collaborate. The end result was a choice to create his own label and begin offering services – such as mixing and mastering – to other artists while also using the label to release his own music. "At the moment I'm shying away from the services and focusing on my career".


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