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There's your favorite rappers favorite rapper and then there's Metaphor, the rapper your favorite rapper wants to sign. A razor sharp writer with quick and an even more rapid delivery, with no sugarcoating and no holds barred. Listen and you'll soon realize the Truth isn't pretty but necessary. With influences such as Jay Z, TI, and Rakim he exhibits supreme technical ability through versatile subject matter with a creative delivery and blunt slang. If there's one thing Metaphor wants you know, everything written are facts, "It comes from a real place."

theBOLDone is an insightful rapper and eclectic producer. He weaves together narrative to life in the Dot (Dorchester) and what he considers "theme music" to contribute to the gritty sound EOT is known for. As a rapper theBOLDone likes to tackle multi-syllabic flows and use abstract ideas to paint a picture of everyday issues. As a producer he finds his niche in percussion heavy beats, grungy synths and soothing melodies. With influences ranging from Kanye West to MF Doom it's hard to categorize theBOLDone as an emcee/producer, it just sounds dope, and there's point he can drive home it's "Fuck rules, find balance."

  • Bank Roll4:15
  • Grind All Night3:12
  • Fell3:44
  • Half On A Pack3:24
  • Smoke One3:59
  • Ready Set Go4:07
  • Paranoia0:00
  • Picture That4:00
  • F.O.M.E3:30
  • The Mrkt3:39
  • My City3:35
  • Friends3:44

The Introduction

Dropped by STE in 2015, G Vinci and Trini delivers a solid display of what their music is all about...You won't be disappointed!

G Vinci and Trini are two of Boston's rising stars in the music community. The two up and coming, unsigned artist deliver on the promise of music based on reality. All of the music is derived from real life experiences, the things they've seen, been through the environment they came from. Raised in Mattapan apart of the city known for it's heavy carribean cultural influences as much as the crime rate. The two childhood friends had to navigate through a neighborhood filled with violence and drugs. "The music is what kept us grounded"-Vinci. The two friends have been making music as a hobby for the past 4 years and seroiusly for the past year and a half. The duo offers a refreshingly diverse musical experience, their unique sound and distinct deliver will defferentiate them from others to the listening audience. Using mostly original beats and in-house production the duo exemplifies the flexibility needed to reach a global audience. Be on the look out for these two, they are destined for greatness! "We make music that people can relate to, no matter where you're from you can feel the emotion and authenticity in our music"-Trini

Flip Money: I grew up in the inner city streets of Boston where I was taught at an early age that you can't show too much love and you can never trust a soul.Simple right? Well, it was a hard lesson for me to learn; Why?  Simply because three months after I was born I was sent to the island because my mom couldn't afford to take care of me and I think that was the best thing she could have done for me. That's where I fell in love with music; from reggae, to rock, to R&B, and my favorite of them all, hip hop. The first time I heard rap was the first time I ever fell in love or even knew what love itself was. It lit a inextinguishable fire that will never go out and that's where I'll let my music do the talking.

Dead Language ‚Äč 

Dropped in September 2016 by BMCG featuring artists: R-Tis, GodSend, Rich Gatsby, J. Capo, Bold, Metaphor, & Ricky France CHECK IT OUT BELOW!!!

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From Mattapan, a small neighborhood in Boston, GodSend is an emerging recording artist and CEO of Audio TaMers, LLC founded in 2016. One quarter of the group BMCG which comprises of fellow artists R-Tis, J. Capo, & Rich Gatsby, "GS's" style of music is an infusion of east coast hip hop, lyricism, and patterned melodies. The music displays a perfect balance between conscious and the trap sound spanning various topics including past experiences, aspirations, and societal perspective. GS recently released his self-titled debut album "GodSend EP" which is available on many digital platforms including: iTunes, Google Play, Tidal, Amazon Music, and BandCamp.

Hailing from Boston, MA, R-tis has made a name for himself with his witty punch lines and cunning lyricism. His music is influenced by the raw but inspiring hip hop of the late 90's and early 2000's.  R-tis is in a league of his own by creating an old school vibe with a new school flavor, appealing to any listener.